Sifnos lies in between Serifos, Kimolos and Antiparos and is 78 n. miles from Piraeus. It has an area of 75 sq. km and a shoreline of 70 km with a population of 2500 people. Your trip to Sifnos starts at Piraeus and takes between 2.5 hours if you use the High speed ferries (catamaran) or up to 5.5 hours if you use a normal ferry. Sifnos has a lot of things to offer even in the most demanding visitor.

The imposing landscapes, the picturesque settlements like Apollonia and Artemonas, the beautiful beaches, the medieval villages like Kastro and the old monasteries like Chrysopigi make Sifnos a very popular destination. There are 365 churches in the upper villages, some large and others very small, but all very beautiful inside and out. Many of the churches have panagiris, religious festivals, commemorating the particular saint of that church.


Chrisopigi Monastery

5.2 km

Poulati Beach

1 km

Kamares Port

5 km


Artemonas is situated at the north of Apollonia. It is not a remote village as is attached to Apollonia. Here you can find the most beautiful houses of Sifnos and a day walkthrough all the village is a must. Is the less “spoiled” place of Sifnos with not access to cars.

On the top of the village you will see the wind mills. Artemonas is a popular destination for Easter holidays as the atmosphere here is fantastic. Is also a nice place to stay if you want to be at the centre and having Artemonas as starting point to visit the rest of the Island. Sifnos has magnificent golden sand beaches. One can find clean and attractive beaches at KamaresFaros and Platis yialos as well as quieter and less known ones such as those at Herronisos, Fikiada and Fasolou.